So What Else is New?

I’ve made a few changes in addition to the damaged rectangle stuff. There were a few memory leaks dotted around the code, most of which were the result of early-exiting functions so that string iterators weren’t deleted. Xcode’s “Leaks” instrument is absolutely indispensable when trying to track memory leaks down.

I’ve removed AmigaWindow::redrawBorder() because it wasn’t used and didn’t appear to do anything. In its place I’ve added markBorderDirty(), which uses the new damaged rectangle system to redraw just the borders. This speeds things up a little when windows gain or lose focus - only the borders change, so why redraw the entire window?

The Text class is now called “Document”. It no longer inherits from the WoopsiString class, but contains one instead. The Text class always emanated a nasty code smell. What does “Text” mean, anyway? Is it a string? Sort of… It’s a string that has a font attached and a width within which it wraps itself. Kind of like a Word document. Ahhh, that makes sense: It’s a document.

Gadget::checkCollision() works correctly. I think I broke it a couple of releases ago.

ScrollingPanel::scroll() works correctly when the panel is on the top DS screen. Lakedaemon spotted this bug. The fix involved converting between co-ordinate systems.

The ListData class’ destructor no longer fires list changed events when it runs.

Finally, Woopsi will no longer ship with Lakedaemon’s freetype classes or the freetype library. Instead, they can be downloaded as part of Lakedaemon’s suite of DS libraries and Woopsi classes, “ndsToolKit”:

It includes Woopsi, the XmlBox gadget, and the freetype classes and library, in addition to DS ports of libjpeg, libpng, libsqlite3 and others. Sounds very powerful.


Lakedaemon on 2010-09-08 at 15:01 said:

I’ll try to get a website for ndsTool with update information, screenshots and some documentation.

I have been using the woopsi online documentation a lot lately, this gives me a hint. I should strive to get my code as clean and as well documented as woopsi’s too.