Atlassian Buys BitBucket

Just when I was getting comfortable with it, Altassian, makers of various developer tools, bought BitBucket. Within an hour of the announcement they’d already splattered their corporate branding over the site in the form of a hastily-fudged “BitBucket by Altassian” logo and a new menu which, unfortunately, makes the title bar ever so slightly too large for the gradient background.


I’m in two minds about this buyout. On the one hand, it sounds great - the free package is considerably enhanced. They’ve taken on more developers and hopefully sorted out the stability problems, so there should soon be more BitBuckety goodness and less downtime. On the other hand, I have the horrible feeling that BitBucket may become Son of SourceForge: Revenge of the Bloat.

I’d personally like to see the site retain its current feature set - Mercurial hosting, a simple but effective wiki and an effortless bug tracker - but with an enhanced social experience. These currently pale in comparison to GitHub’s. However, I’m not sure that Altassian will be able to resist the urge to integrate their new acquisition with all of their other products. BitBucket with project management! And an amazingly heavyweight bug tracker! Brobdignagian code reviewing system! Huge suite of reports! 10,000 elephants! Make your hobby as fun as your day job!

The first thing I did when I realised BitBucket had been bought was install Git. It looks good - it’s like Mercurial with the hood up so you can tinker with its insides. But then I took a look at Altassian’s website. They look like a good company. Despite my reservations about the current hatchet job they’ve done to the BitBucket site layout, it seems that they are interested in improving the service. I’ll stick with them for the time being and see how it goes.


Lakedaemon on 2010-10-04 at 08:17 said:

Git is great and github brings nice social stuff/sugar coating (graphs, etc…)

I haven’t been using mercurial for long but I have come to grow fond of it : Git and mercurial are nice tools to work with. Lately, I think I like mercurial a bit more (maybee because the tortoisehgclient is nicer/more user friendly/advance than tortoisegit)

Chase on 2010-10-08 at 21:17 said:

I personally like github myself. It took some work, but I got used to using it, now I like it.

Ant on 2010-10-08 at 22:19 said:

They’e currently changing the wiki stylesheet. I’m not convinced so far…