Really Bad Eggs 20110627

Another of my favourite games from when I was growing up is Super Foul Egg. It’s a simple Puyo Puyo clone that excises all of the tedious anime interludes present in the original and focuses exclusively on the gameplay itself.

Really Bad Eggs is my latest project: a DS port of Super Foul Egg. However, I’ve been tinkering with the game a little to try and improve the single-player experience. You can download a copy here:

I’ve tried to bring some of the mechanics of Tetris to Super Foul Egg:

  • The game tracks how many chains of eggs you make;
  • The game includes levels, and the current level determines how fast the current shape drops;
  • The level increases each time 10 chains are made;
  • The game tracks the player’s score.

At the moment, I’m not sure how well the new mechanics work. The game doesn’t have the same draw as Tetris in single-player. Two-player mode (in this case, one player vs the AI) seems to be the only way that Puyo Puyo is really interesting, mainly because suddenly getting garbage dumped in the grid is the only excitement in the game. The game includes two of the Tetris-inspired game types: type “A” and “B”, which reflect the game types in GB and NES versions of Tetris. At present, type “B” is less exciting than type “A”, so I might ditch it.

In any case, the new mechanics are only part of the single-player mode. The player-versus-AI mode uses the familiar Super Foul Egg mechanics, and features an AI that would put up a good fight against the original.

Here’s a screenshot: