OSX Lion

After the disaster that was Leopard’s release, I decided to wait before getting Lion.

Then I got Lion anyway.

Quirks so far:

  • Xcode 4.1 downloads from the App Store as an installer, which is totally unexpected. Of course, not knowing this a number of people appear to be running their old copy and then complaining when it’s still, well, their old copy. They don’t realise that there’s an “Install Xcode” binary in their Applications folder.

  • Xcode won’t install unless you quit both iTunes and the iTunes helper app (which you can only achieve via the Terminal or the Activity Monitor in Applications/Utilities).

  • When installed for the first time, Xcode 4.1 wouldn’t work. It complained about the iPhone IDE plugin not loading. Reinstalled it and it worked fine.

  • The inverted scrolling system is vile.

  • It’s very grey. Perhaps the designers spent a bit too long in Aberdeen.

  • Downloaded the ~4GB Lion installer on my iMac. Decided to upgrade my MacBook too. Unfortunately, the installer appears to have been deleted by the upgrade process. Thank goodness I enjoy downloading massive files so much! I get to download the update twice!

It’s pretty obvious that Apple’s main focus is their line of laptops. OK, their main focus is iOS, as that’s where they make their money. They do need the Mac as a development platform, though, and within that set of products, laptops are their main focus. A lot of the new features make no sense on my iMac. For example, the new gestures are quite probably wonderful when used on a MacBook Air with a built-in touchpad. With the iMac, my options are to buy a BlueTooth touchpad (which I won’t do, as my mouse is far more accurate and touchpads are unusable as graphics editing devices) or a Magic Mouse (after trying one in an Apple store, I think it would give me crippling, irrevocable carpel-tunnel within minutes). The gestures are, therefore, useless.

Similarly, the full-screen mode is probably great on an 11” or 13” screen. On a 24” screen, most applications look ridiculous.