More Xcode 4.1 Problems

Xcode 4.1 won’t install on my MacBook. At least, it won’t install if I use the installer provided by Apple. It gets about 98% of the way through the installer and tells me that it is “Updating files”, but won’t get any further.

The secret to getting it installed correctly is to:

  • Right-click on the “Install Xcode” program;
  • Click “Show package contents”;
  • Open the “Contents” folder;
  • Open the “Resources” folder
  • Run the “Xcode.mpkg” program.

This will successfully install Xcode with a more familiar installer.

The problem with being an early adopter of OSX software is that you find yourself plagued with problems you only usually experience in Windows and Linux. Avoiding those problems was precisely the reason I dumped them at home and switched to Apple.