EarthShakerDS Revived

It’s been 10 months since the last update, so I figure it’s about time to revive the EarthShakerDS code and finish off the level editor. Changes so far:

  • Updated the OSX version to the latest codebase;
  • Fixed SDL bugs in the WoopsiGfxGameTemplate;
  • Added the ability to save and load soil/boulder/wall/door types to the level editor;
  • Added a keyboard and file lister to the level editor to allow the saving and loading of custom levels with user-defined names;
  • Added a list of custom levels to the title screen menu;
  • The Start button tests the current level in the level editor;
  • The Select button flips between level editor panels.

I’ve got to make the custom level select on the title screen actually start a level and allow interaction with the file requester in the level editor. Once those are done the game will finally be finished.

Here’s a grab of the new file requester. It isn’t pretty but it’ll work…