What Woopsi Did Next

Woopsi appears to have been adapted into a set of UI components for a real-time operating system called “NuttX”. I’m pleased to see that the code has been useful outside of its original platform and purpose. It now runs on ARM, Atmel and Intel chips, and will even run on the Zilog Z80. NxWidgets can be found here:


Gregory Nutt on 2012-05-18 at 16:11 said:

Thanks to you and all of your effort on Woopsi. I did have to make substantial changes because the NxWidgets run on to of a tiny graphics server and windowing system. Integrating with that windowing system and with its font system was a challenge.

I am still scouring for things to remove so that I can get the footprint down for use in the tiniest MCUs. I also expect to release a new version of NxWidgets in the next few days that will incorporate a tiny window manager.