Super Foul Egg News

Super Foul Egg is now complete! I just need to put an icon together for the app. I’m thinking of using the original Amiga icon as the basic design and redrawing it for the higher-resolution Mac.

Source code is here:

You’ll need Xcode 4.4 to compile it as I’m using the new array literals I mentioned in the last post.

Binary release will come later. I’m thinking of paying for the Mac developer licence so that I can stick it on the Mac App Store as a free game, but I’m a bit dubious as I have failed to track down the original authors in order to request permission to use their game assets. I know that they previously released the game as open source (it was ported to the Acorn Archimedes, where it was released as an Acorn User coverdisk, and it had a Java remake too) but I can’t track that down now either.

I’ve found the Archimedes port in a few places, but the zips are either corrupt or in some weird Acorn-specific format that modern software can’t open. The current holders of the RISC OS rights are rabidly protective of their software and firmware so there’s very little chance of getting an emulator up and running in order to extract the archives to find out if there’s a licence file contained within. I don’t really want to stump up £49 for a ROM that might not actually work, especially as that would nearly double the cost for getting SFE into the App Store.

Remakes are tricky things and I’ve had mixed success with mine so far. IK++ drew a nastygram (but a very complimentary nastygram), Mario Bros MX prompted a suggestion to apply for a job (but the closest Nintendo office was about 3,000 miles away), and EarthShakerDS was received very well by the original game’s author (but was ultimately killed by some guy who bought a videogame back in 1984 and hasn’t done anything of note since). Quirky recently had his Lords of Midnight and Doomdark’s Revenge remakes killed by the original author, which is a shame. And rather pointless, as the Spectrum TAP files are still on the World of Spectrum. And I’ve still got the Crash covertapes with the games on somewhere.

All of this is very discouraging.


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