Woopsi 0.99.6 Released

Woopsi 0.99.6 is now available from the Woopsi website:

Other than a few minor enhancements to the Debug class, this release just contains bug fixes.

There are a couple of points to note about this release. First of all, it is built with the latest versions of devKitARM and libnds (r32 and 1.4.8 respectively). Due to changes in the FIFO system, the current version of desmume is not compatible with this release. You’ll either have to wait for the next version of desmume or compile it yourself from the SVN repository before you upgrade your release of devKitARM.

If you’re running Windows and don’t want to compile your own version of desmume, here’s one I made earlier:

It’s a few weeks old now, but it works.

libnds 1.4.8 includes a bug in line 661 of nds/arm9/videoGL.h. See the following link for the fix:

Note that you can still use Woopsi with older versions of devKitARM; you’ll just need to compile the library yourself. This is very simple; just open a command line to the Woopsi/Woopsi/libwoopsi folder, type “make clean” and then type “make”.

Secondly, one of the new features in the Debug class is a vsnprintf() method. This method triggers a GCC warning about va_list mangling changes in GCC 4.4. This is neither a problem in Woopsi or in devKitARM; it’s actually the result of a bizarre decision by the GCC team to include news items as compiler warnings:

Wintermute intended to fix this for devKitARM r27, but this obviously never happened:

The full changelog is available in the source archive.


Woopsi 0.37 Released

Woopsi 0.37 is now available from the usual SourceForge location:


The big news this time around is compatibility with devKitPro r24, discussed in the last post. This involved the name change from “DynamicArray” to “WoopsiArray”, so if you’ve used the DynamicArray class for any of your own code (and you probably should, as it’s a lot smaller than the STL vector) you’ll need to do some renaming.

Other fixes include the switch to ints for iterator variables, discussed a while ago, and a bugfix to ListBox::setAllowMultipleSelections().

Oh, and a quick note regarding DeSmuME 0.9 for OSX - the touch screen doesn’t work with either Woopsi 0.37 or 0.35. I know that it’s not Woopsi’s fault, as I’ve tested 0.35 (ie. before the IRQ weirdness introduced by dkp r24) which previously had no problems. I’ve also tested Woopsi 0.37 with the Windows version of DeSmuME 0.9 and it works fine, so I assume something has broken in the OSX port. doesn’t work either, so it must be 0.9 that’s at fault.


…though according to the forums, the problem may be due to an interaction between DeSmuME 0.9 and devKitPro r24. In any case, Woopsi’s not at fault, which is good.