GP2x Dev Environment Setup; Some Tunes

I thought I’d have a play with the GP2x this evening, so looked into setting up the dev environment. I’ve cloned my DS development installation of Windows into a new virtual machine, and got it set up as a GP2x dev environment. Nearly, anyway. Thanks to a pre-configured installation of Code::Blocks available on GP32x.com, getting the IDE and compiler set up was easy. However, the Windows builds of the “Hello world” test app won’t run because of missing SDL libraries (the libraries don’t exist in the standard SDL distro, so I don’t know where they should come from), and the GP2x version quits straight back to the menu, even after I coded in a button-checking while loop. I think either the dev environment is just knackered, or it’s having problems with the F200.

And now for something completely different. When I’m not tinkering with homebrew and have nothing better to do, I write the occasional tune. As I’m never going to use these for anything else, I figure I may as well upload them on here. At least I’ll have backups should my hard drive die…

This first one is a Renoise tune that I finished off today. I was browsing the web one day absently-mindedly whistling this, when I realised I’d inadvertently come up with a new melody.


Just after finishing this I found another version of the same tune, recorded back in March on the guitar. I’ve got the tab, too:

Song4_2 Song4 Tab

Here’s a snippet of something else I came up with today, that might turn into something more substantial:


Here’s another Renoise track from a while ago:


This track uses a Creative Commons sound from here, one from here, and another from here. (Hopefully that’s enough detail to comply with the licence.)