Woopsi Progress and News

After some delay, here is the latest Woopsi news.

First of all, there’s a new program out that uses Woopsi called ‘fileNinja”:


fileNinja was released late last year, but it’s taken me this long to blog about it. Part of the reason for that is my inability to test it - the DS’ crappy wireless isn’t compatible with my Airport Extreme so I can’t use fileNinja. Shame, because it’s something I’ve wanted for a while - a DS FTP client.

In other news, EigenmathDS has had a new release:


It now has graphs and matrices, amongst other updates. There’s a blog here:


Lastly, Richard “Quirky” Quirk, author of several of my favourite GBA homebrew games (including the excellent Cyclone, which I should really copy to the DS) has decided to use Woopsi as the GUI for a new version of Bunjalloo, which appears to be the last remaining homebrew DS web browser. His blog can be found here:


Regarding Woopsi progress, Quirky has submitted about a dozen bugfixes for memory leaks, crashes, etc. Check the changelog for a full list. They include a number of SDL fixes, including fixing the file requester for SDL operation. I’ve added a few bugfixes myself, and a couple of new features as requested by leonelhs in the forum. It is now possible to retrieve children from gadgets by their index number (Gadget::getChild()) and it is possible to determine how many children a gadget has (Gadget::getChildCount()). There’s a context menu example in the “examples” folder, too.