Really Bad Eggs OSX Goes Open Source

In honour of Software Freedom Day (which I heard about for the first time about 5 minutes ago), the OSX/Objective-C version of Really Bad Eggs is now open source:

Viciously pedantic criticism of my Objective-C code would be greatly appreciated.

Changes since the last demo release include:

  • Lots of bug fixes;
  • Scoring system is identical to the Amiga version;
  • Added score display using original graphics;
  • Added two player mode;
  • Added “CPU” or “2UP” indicator for second grid;
  • Tidied up game end indicators;
  • Added ability to start a new game.

Everything in the game is now finished. All that remains to do is:

  • Possibly replace the graphics;
  • Possibly replace the sounds;
  • Add a menu system for choosing game options;
  • Add a title screen.

The controls for player 1 are now:

  • A - rotate anti-clockwise
  • S - rotate clockwise
  • D - move left
  • F - drop
  • G - move right

The controls for player 2 are:

  • Cursors - move/drop
  • > - rotate anti-clockwise
  • < - rotate clockwise

I’ll get a compiled binary out soon.