WiredMunk - 2D Physics for Networks

WiredMunk is my latest project. It is a C++ framework for creating networked games with a real 2D physics engine. Based on ChipMunk, it abstracts away the complexities of coding networked games - particularly physics-based networked games - enabling developers to concentrate on making fun experiences instead of worrying about plumbing code.

The sourcecode can be pulled down from SVN via the SourceForge page:


A sourcecode zip package will be available soon. In the meantime, here’s a video of WiredMunk in action. The window on the left is the local computer. The window on the right is the remote computer viewed via Remote Desktop.

I’ve used the <video> tag above as I’m thoroughly fed up with FLVs. If you’re not using a browser that can view H.264 video tags, here’s a direct link to the video:

WiredMunk Demo